Problems in the philippines

It's good practice and planning to anticipate barriers and obstacles before they might rise up. Market owners view low-income neighborhoods as unprofitable and dangerous places to do business.

This is serious issue. These unemployed persons can be interviewed and profile them for a job opening that matches their qualifications.

It may be a function of a social or political system, or may be rooted in a behavior or situation that may at first glance seem unrelated to it. Patriotism and national pride. Mining — I know that this is debatable. It includes a detailed step-by-step presentation.

I guess you know why. All About the Economic Problems of the Philippines Though a fast-growing economy, Philippines still needs to address the issues of poverty, unemployment, and poor infrastructure. More landmarks, not just malls. Thus, greater attention has to be paid to addressing to the internal problems of the economy and enhancing domestic-oriented growth.

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Identify targets and agents of change for addressing the problem. Bring back Death Penalty. A good analysis will lead to better long-run solutions. Surprisingly, when travelling, comfort is the one tourists are looking for.

Surprisingly, when travelling, comfort is the one tourists are looking for. Corruption in the Philippines is rampant among government officials, and high-level government employees from the executive, legislative and judicial branches are often common offenders.

Learn how to analyze community problems to better understand root causes and plan effective interventions. What a pity it is to leave Mindanao hanging in all of this. This can also solve the additional traffic the Provincial buses add to Metro Manila.

For the jeepneys, we can have electronic jeepneys and tricycles instead.

What are the 3 major problems of the Philippines?

Sustainability is the key to the future. Framing the Issueby Trudy Rice, Cheryl Burkhart-Kriesel and Karla Trautman, is a useful resource that explains how to analyze community problems and access community data.

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Although this figure has decreased in the two past decades, it is not fast enough to reach the United Nations Millennium Development Goal MDG of reducing the number of underweight children by half until.

Solutions to Problems of the Philippines. Here are my opinions and suggestions on how we can solve some of the ongoing problems the Philippines have. Economic problems in the Philippines include high unemployment and the concentration of wealth in a small number of wealthy families.

Although the Philippine economy grew substantially in the early s, lingering poverty remains another economic problem in the country. The Biggest problems the Philippines is currently facing?

* Corruption - From the national government to local/provincial/city governments. Imagine how many politicians deduct their kickbacks from the funds for their self interest! Even former pre. Feb 16,  · Kindly give the 3 major problems of the Philippines and possible solutions that the citizens and the gov't can do in order to prevent the problems you Resolved.


Newly elected president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, has drawn comparisons worldwide to the U.S. Republican Party presidential nominee Donald Trump: bold, outspoken, controversial, and. would ease up the traffic in the city. A major problem that comes with the dump sites is the toxic liquid called leachate that seeps into the soil, and most of the time is released unfiltered into the river system and the groundwater – a source of our drinking water.

All About the Economic Problems of the Philippines

One way to solve this is to.

Problems in the philippines
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